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'The reality of this digital game is that the free Wi Fi you connect to is the real gold-mine for the sponsors of this technology', cyber-security expert Douglas Crawford from Best, told Mail Online.'Savvy customers who want to protect their privacy from prying eyes are advised to use a VPN to stay one step ahead of the businesses desperately trying to capture their data.' A digital countdown marked the return of the lights to Piccadilly Circus at 8am on this morning.The billboard was replaced by a temporary banner after being turned off in January, marking the longest period of darkness since the Blitz.

He also released one studio album each through Monument Records, Broken Bow Records, and Rounder Records.Speaking earlier this year, Tim Bleakley, chief executive of Ocean Outdoor, the company that runs the board’s advertising said: ‘Coca-Cola, for example, can log on at any given moment, see a large group of Spanish tourists and change the copy of the ad from ‘hello,’ to ‘buenos dias’.’ After being switched on for the first time in nine months, the electronic hoardings have been replaced with a state-of-the-art screen which is around the size of three tennis courts.Pictured are people photographing the new screen‘It’s a snapshot in time done in seconds and no personalised data or video or photography is recorded or stored.’Mr Bleakley said similar technology is already being used on electronic billboards in other locations, including at car park barriers.An illuminated billboard has been in Piccadilly Circus for more than 100 years.The space was first used to advertise Perrier bottled water.

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  1. 'One has to wonder how successful this campaign would be, given the sheer traffic passing through on an hour to hour basis', Jovi Umawing, a researcher at Malwarebytes told Mail Online.'If this system were used in a less populated area and collected information, it could be something worth actively avoiding', she added.